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Background to Campaign

The year is 798 A.R. (After Rebirth). The times are still savage though any tribes are wanting to band in peace. Tribes that do either relocate or start a new village or are close enough to help through supplies and defense when needed. On the Continent of Reliqua; a land ruled by might and magic, a world where over 500 Sorcerers hold complete dominion over the lesser humanoids. Some areas are only ruled in name where the people are free and happy. Most, however, are not so fortunate. This is where villages like Durandall come into existence.


  • Daryl is the struggling wizard trying to make sense of his transformation
  • Dranas is the most charismatic paladin I've ever known. Also a genocidal time traveler that kills entire villages with turtle shields.
  • GM is the Game Master
  • Volkorn loves drinkin' sexin' and his hammer. and making money.
  • Stug is the Champion of Tor'ar, our current muscle and celebrity
  • SweetChuck (Deceased) this guy is into blowing glass pieces
  • Gy lost his leg to a spider bite, resides way up north with many concubines


  • Delilah Well endowed dark elf drider. Dranas's arachni woman.
  • Lydia Maybe a dumb bimbo, maybe a more calculating BBEG? (Probably yes.)
  • Malo is the guy who trained the ROD and loves his glow weed
  • Quark The apparent mayor of Dawsbury after playing a game of chance with nice farmer. Currently runs other lucrative business within Cayden's Beard
  • Ronda Love interest for Daryl she is in great shape!
  • Sapphira Dragon that Zarkan thought was dead and might have started his reign of terror. Possibly alive and trapped by Lydia
  • UHH! Famous Goblin Rock Band that travels around the world.
  • Zarkan is brother to Teegle and just has an abrasive personality.
  • Zeebo You have all you need! haha, you have all you need!
  • Zorka Freed goblin, killed by giants while trying to feed Daryl a potion of cure light wounds.

Places of Interest (Worldmap)

  • Celest is where the bar is (now destroyed). and where we dropped off the maidens.
  • Durandall is the small city/town that was destroyed. The ROD called it home.
  • Hell Lots of sexy time was had.
  • Kobm has gold thats worthless everywhere else

Noteworthy Artifacts

Significant Events

Getting started

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